Adopting Through PAWS

Find your new best friend at our Cat Adoption Center or through our dog adoption partners. See all of our adoptable cats online.

Why adopt from PAWS of Bainbridge Island?
By adopting from PAWS, you not only gain a loving companion – you save a life! We have an enormous variety of animals to choose from -- purebreds, mixed breeds, all ages and personalities -- and our adoption counselors are specially trained to help you choose the pet that’s a perfect fit.


Aren't all shelter animals just "secondhand" pets?
PAWS’ animals may have lived with someone else first, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't make a wonderful companion for you! Our kittens, of course, are new to being pets. But most of PAWS’ older cats have had previous owners. You may need to adjust to each other somewhat, but animals are remarkably adaptable and their capacity for love can be boundless. All of our cat's biographies include as much hostory as we know about them, you can read them online.


Is it difficult to adopt from PAWS?
PAWS' first priority is to protect our animals’ best interests. We’ve designed our adoption program to ensure that every animal is placed with a responsible person and matched to an appropriate home.


What does PAWS require for cat adoptions?
You must complete the Adoption Application. Visit us at the Cat Adoption Center or call 206-842-2451 to schedule a "Meet & Greet" if you would like to meet a specific pet. PAWS requires that our animals be spayed or neutered before they are adopted. We also require the permission of your landlord if you’re renting your home. After you adopt a pet, we expect that you’ll have it properly licensed and provide it with a lifetime of responsible care, including nutritious food, fresh water, adequate exercise and regular veterinary visits. And, of course, a lot of love!


Does PAWS have purebred animals for adoption?
Approximately 25% of shelter animals nationwide are estimated to be purebred. If you’re looking for a specific breed, PAWS can place you on waiting list for that particular breed. We can also help to match you with an animal who has similar traits to the breed you’re looking for. Look at the many pictures of our adoptable cats and see what purebred look-alikes you find.


Are cats at PAWS healthy and well adjusted?
The vast majority of shelter pets are wonderful companions who ended up in a shelter because of unlucky circumstances or irresponsible owners. At PAWS, we carefully screen all of our animals to catch any serious health and behavior problems. Even so, it’s very likely that both you and your new pet will need some time to adjust to the new arrangement. But with time, training, and patience, your new companion will offer you a lifetime of love.


"Oscar is doing well health wise and is adapting very well to his new setting.
We are very please to have Oscar be part of our family. I commend your organization for the fine job it provide to the animals in need. One of your staff members, Donna, handled our adoption process in a very professional manner.

Once again thank you for helping us have Oscar be part of our family.
Have a great weekend."


M&L 4/16/10


Courtesy Listing Program


We provide a Courtesy Listing Program for families who need to place a pet that cannot be physically placed in our adoption program. This program allows people who for various reasons must find a new home for their pet(s) to utilize PAWS adoption network while keeping the pets at home until a new placement can be found.

PAWS cannot assist in the placement of any cat who tests positive for FelineLeukemia/FIV or any animals with a known history of aggression. We will provide referrals to agencies who specialize in those areas. Pet owners should realize that older pets, pets with behavioral or medical problems or social issues can take a very long time to find a placement in a new home.

PAWS does not guarantee the availability of foster homes for any pet in the Courtesy Listing Program. PAWS reserves the right to decline acceptance of any animal into the courtesy listing program.


Guidelines for Courtesy Listing Participants


To be accepted into the Courtesy Listing Program pets must be:

• at least 6 months old
• spayed or neutered
• tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) & Feline Aids (FIV)
• up to date on vaccinations (DHLPPC or FVRCP & Rabies)
• clear of fleas, worms and ear mites

• located in North Kitsap or on Bainbridge Island

The owners of the pet must sign a release stating that they are the legal owners of the pet and may place it up for adoption, and that the pet has not bitten or shown aggressive behavior towards people.


PAWS asks owners to provide information about the pets personality, history and behavior to assist us in finding the correct placement for each pet, matching the needs of the pet with the requests of potential adopters.


The owners must provide a clear photograph of the pet to be reproduced on PAWS adoption flyers, and for the newspaper “Pet of the Week” program and for online posting.
When appropriate, Courtesy Listed pets may be included in PAWS Adoption Outreach Programs, requiring transportation to and from the adoption site.


PAWS does not provide veterinary care for courtesy listed pets. Owners and adopters are responsible for all care and transportation arrangements


Placement Suggestions


While PAWS is working on finding a new home for a pet, the current owner should be working on finding a placement as well. Take a good picture of your pet - make a flyer and post:


• Where you work
• Churches
• Schools
• Grocery Stores
• Senior Centers
• Feed Stores


Ask your friends/family/co-workers if they or anyone they know may be able to re-home your pet.




Craig’s List
Petfinder classified

Highlight things about your pet that make it attractive to a new family:

• spay/neutered
• up to date on shots
• social/training
• litterbox use/ housebroken
• mention anything else unique about your pet

Online resources:

Best Friends Network

Veterinary Partners


Download a Courtesy Listing Agreement




Learn more about adopting through PAWS:

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See Adoptable Cats find the purrfect pet to become a part of your family.

Fill Out an Adoption Application - the first step in adding a PAWS pet to your family.

Dog Adoptions

Visit one of our Adoption Partners or check out our Courtesy Listed dogs. can also help you locate a homeless pet waiting for adoption.

Cat Adoption Center

We are very excited to announce that our new centers are open!

PAWS Animal Welfare Center at 26569 Lindvog Rd, Kingston

PAWS at Pleasant Beach 4688 Lynwood Center Rd, Suite 110, Bainbridge Island.

Both Centers are open from 11-5 Monday through Saturday - please stop in and say hello!

You can also visit adoptable cats from PAWS at the PetCo Pet Partners Outreach in Poulsbo every day, seven days a week!



We routinely spend more money getting a cat ready for adoption then we are able to recoup in adoption fees. If you would like to help offest some of the veterinary costs of getting a cat ready for adoption, please send us a donation today.